Charlayne Davis

By admin | Posted on 12 Feb, 2013

Charlayne Davis-2012Name: Charlayne Davis
College: Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA
Major: Economics/International Business
Blurb: Growing up with parents that originated from Jamaica and who migrated to America has made me become the person that I am today. If it wasn’t for my parents I wouldn’t be the hard worker that I am now, nor would I appreciate the littlest things in life. I just want everyone to remember that family should come first in everyone’s heart, because they are always there for you.

I am currently a freshman attending Dickinson College, which is a liberal arts college in Carlisle, PA. The definition of a liberal arts college in my perspective is a college that requires its students to take classes in other departments other than their major department classes. In other words a student have to complete their major requirements and the school requirements.

Going to a school such as Dickinson has its ups and downs. The good perspectives about this school are students can go to their professor for help, there are many resources on campus, it is challenging academically, and the financial aid package. The bad perspective from my point is the student life in general. To have fun on this campus one must create a good time. There are a lot of cliques within this college that makes it seem as though I am in high school television show. This school is such a small campus (although there are about 2,500 students on campus) everyone knows everyone’s business.

To overcome the negatives of the college, I joined groups on campus and made some amazing friends. The groups I joined were the African American Society, Latin American and Caribbean Club, Student Investment Group, and Third Degree Step Team. This may sound like a lot of activities but as a college student one will learn how to prioritize schoolwork, and activities such as mines. Also in college I have a lot of free time, I just have to take advantage of the time and not procrastinate. One thing I would like every prospective college student to know is that coming into college don’t think that everyone is your friend, be careful of your surroundings at parties your first couple weeks/months, and who you tell your business to because not everyone will keep a secret. Also work hard and make sure that schoolwork comes first because first semester grades really does matter when you are trying to be at the top of a pool of applicants when applying to graduate school and an internship in the future.