Jamila Avalon

By admin | Posted on 8 Feb, 2013

Jamila AvalonMy name is Jamila Avalon. I am a freshman currently enrolled in Queens College CUNY. As I have just successfully finished my first semester and am awaiting my second, I must say: it has been a journey. Remembering the different emotions I have felt from the beginning of my college career, I have come a very long way. Every day was certainly not easy and there was a time in which I felt the days were getting nothing but harder. But as I look back now, I do not regret it because the hard times are what truly make the greatest impact on my life.
From the very beginning of my application process, there was frustration. There were so many opinions thrown at me at once and I was forced to make a life-changing decision within a few months. People who said they would be there for me had disappeared when I needed them the most. Eventually, I had realized that I was all on my own. Shortly after I took initiative for my own life, things started to fall in order. I got accepted to Queens College’s SEEK Program and was on my way to being a part of the college community.

Despite the summarization of my journey, it was no easy at all. There had been many tears, sleepless nights and a lot of headaches from time to time. However, things still happened for me. I have found that throughout the college process I have followed some rules:

1. Follow your heart.
It may seem very cliché, but sometimes our hearts speak and we don’t take the time to listen. At times we are our worst enemy because we stand in our own way. We allow people to put their opinions into our lives and if we are not careful we will end up living for others.

2. Make your own decisions.
The only person who has to live with your decisions is you. So why should others have a say?

3. Take the time to tune out.
Many people will come who have your best interest at heart and want to help you. However, too many opinions can be very distracting and ultimately confusing which makes your decision harder. Every once in a while, before things get hectic, take the time out to stop listening to everyone. Filter what everyone is saying. Take what will help you and throw away that which does not apply to you. Then, figure out your priorities and continue in your process. (This also helps after college fairs because every college is not for you).

In whatever school you apply for, you are competing for a seat amongst hundreds, or thousands of students who want the same seat. What will make you memorable? What will make a school want you? Find that thing, embrace it, and make it work for you!