Rachel Graham- Know Who You Are

By admin | Posted on 11 Feb, 2013

Rachel Graham-2012

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

The college experience has just begun for me, yet in many ways it feels like I’ve been here forever. Maybe it’s the sense of freedom, the fresh midday air as I stroll to class, or the sense of “adultness” now that things seem to actually matter. My classes suddenly seem more geared towards my dream. No more of high school’s pointless Euclidean proofs and boring ancient historical figures (no offense to my geometry teacher or the History Channel). My fellow college classmates are diverse in every aspect, and it really is different here like most people say. With all of college’s benefits, it is easy to get “lost in the sauce” and lose focus. The sense of freedom can lead to so much trouble without personal drive and discipline. One bad influence too many, one party too late, one drink too much. All it takes is one wrong move to place you on a downward slope. Too many people in my life have fallen victim to this grossly false perception of what “college life” means. Truth is, its still life—just in college. So, be a happy college student, but even better, be a wise college student. KNOW WHO YOU ARE! The amalgamation of different types of ideas, religions, and views come as a strong wind against all you once thought was truth. People oft say college is what makes you who you are. But if its okay with everyone, I think its best to know who you are before the world gets a chance to inform you. If you not stand for something, you will fall for anything. Stand firm, be focused. A professor once told my class “If you want Facebook, face-book and study!” (Haha, get it? I cried when I learned the joke…took me some time, but I got it!) Learn to be disciplined in every way, because there are many opportunities to be distracted. Remember that you are only passing through from point A to point Z, and you are merely a pilgrim traveling through to your destined place (well, for me its point Z because I’m going to be a doc…so I’ll be here for a while…. yeah). Whatever your dream is, barrel towards it with tunnel vision, but enjoy the scenery along the way! And whenever you are tempted to compromise, always remember there is a bigger purpose for you waiting ahead of whatever you are facing. God Himself has ordered your steps to a great future. Trust Him, and no matter what, it will all turn out for your good. Peace and blessings. Be encouraged.